Introduction to ArcGIS [workshop]

introduction to arcgis workshop

Workshop summary    Learn the basics of working with ArcGIS in a hands-on learning environment! This course is useful for people who have no prior GIS experience, as well as, current ArcGIS users looking to gain additional skills. With a focus on New Hampshire data and applications, participants learn how to use ArcGIS to produce attractive, effective maps. In addition, each participant receives their own detailed step-by-step manual to use as a reference after the course is over. Familiarity with Windows is highly recommended.

Participants will learn to   design maps in ArcGIS  |  import data into ArcGIS  |  add online GIS data to your maps  |  interact with time-based GIS data  |   symbolize GIS data  |  add labels and annotation, query data  |  use geoprocessing tools: merge/buffer/dissolve  |  manipulate attribute tables: adding fields/calculating values/joining tables  

Software discussed   ArcGIS for Dekstop

Cost   $495 Standard, $349 reduced     Length   9:00am to 4:00pm for 3 days     Contact   email Sharon Hughes or call 603-862-1029

Registration   register online

Upcoming Events

March 26, 2018 to March 28, 2018 - Manchester

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