The KML Tools Project at UNH Cooperative Extension was created to help users of Google mapping tools perform basic GIS analyses on KML files. Our website will allow users of Google Earth and Google My Maps users to apply geoprocessing analyses to the map layers they create, filling a gap in the functionality of these programs and bringing the world of Google mapping closer to that of traditional GIS programs.

The KML Tools Project currently supports the following analyses with KML files:

Area - calculate the area of a shape
Buffer - create buffer shapes a fixed distance from a point, line or shape
Cruise points - produce regularly spaced grid or random set of points within a polygon
Generalize - reduce complexity of a line or shape by selective vertex removal

To conduct analyses on your own KML file, use the Upload KML file box below to upload your file to the site.

If you don't have a KML and would like to see how the site works, use our demonstration KML file.

Upload KML file

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Important notes:

  1. KMZ files can not be used on this site. If you have a KMZ file, please bring it into Google Earth and convert it to a KML file using the Save Place As command before uploading it to the site.
  2. To use the site, you will upload your file to the site, select the type of analyses to be conducted, then download the resultant KML file to your computer. Your data will be housed only temporarily on our site during analysis and will not be accessible by anyone (including you) if you return to the site in the future. Therefore, please be sure to download your results to your own computer, and don't worry about anyone else seeing your data or the results of your analyses.
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