Common Milkweed Pod Collection

  • Monarch on milkweed in July

2021 Pod Collection: September 15 - October 30

 NH Fish & Game and UNH Cooperative Extension are calling on New Hampshire residents for milkweed pod collections!

The seeds from the milkweed pods will be sown by NH Department of Transportation into conservation corridors, designated areas along highways that are planted with native perennials to benefit pollinators.

While milkweed serves as a food source for many other species of pollinator, it is the exclusive host plant on which Monarch butterflies lay their eggs, and on which caterpillars feed. The disappearance of milkweed across the US has contributed to an 80% decline in the eastern Monarch butterfly population over the last 20 years. State and federal agencies, conservation organizations, and others are working diligently to increase the volume of milkweed on the landscape, and individuals can help by contributing to this important resource collection effort.

Collecting Milkweed Pods

  • Only collect the pods when they are dry and grey/brown. If the center seam pops with gentle pressure, they can be harvested. 
  • Store the pods in paper bags; plastic bags will collect unwanted moisture. 
  • Write the date and county collected on the bag. 
  • Keep the pods in a cool, dry place until you deliver them to the collection site. 
  • Leave some pods (25%) on the plants to also allow for natural dispersal. 


Milkweed seeds that are not ready for collection

Milkweed Seeds not ready for collection.

Milkweed seeds ready to be collected

Milkweed seeds ready for collection.

Collection Bin Locations

Collection bins can be found at the following locations throughout New Hampshire. Unless noted otherwise, bins are located outside the front door to the building.

Boscawen - UNH Extension Merrimack County Office315 Daniel Webster Highway

Brentwood - UNH Extension Rockingham County Office113 North Road

Concord - NH Fish & Game Headquarters11 Hazen Drive

Conway - UNH Extension Carroll County Office73 Main Street

Dover - Dover Public Library73 Locust Street

Goffstown - UNH Extension Hillsborough County Office329 Mast Road Room, [Bin located inside building, inside entry door to Extension office – Room 101]

Keene - Historical Society of Cheshire County246 Main Street, [Bin located next to back door to the building, which is the main entrance]

Newport - UNH Extension Sullivan County Office24 Main Street

North Haverhill - UNH Extension Grafton County Office855 Dartmouth College Highway

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Contact Haley Andreozzi

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This project is a partnership with NH Fish & Game and UNH Extension.