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Top 5 University Websites for Food Entrepreneurs

These are our favorite comprehensive websites for information and resources for food businesses. Use these websites, along with ours, to find all the information and resources you’ll need!

The Northeast Center for Food Entrepreneurship
Cornell University and the University of Vermont

This outstanding educational website provides information on both business and technical aspects of food processing. It also details services provided by the Center and links to trade groups and agencies.

The Food Processing Center ™
University of Nebraska – Lincoln

This site provides information about product, business, and laboratory services.

Food Resource
Oregon State University

Or access through the Oregon State University and Oregon Department of Agriculture’s Food Innovation Center –

The Food Resource site offers detailed listing of frequently asked questions and extensive resource links by foods and ingredients (e.g. baked products, grains & cereals, fats, protein). The Food Innovation Center offers description of services for food producers, processors, marketers, and entrepreneurs.

Resources for Small Food Processors and Potential Entrepreneurs
The Pennsylvania State University

This is a gateway site to many web-based resources for specialty food processors.

Entrepreneur Assistance Program
North Carolina State University Extension Program

This website provides knowledge and services to entrepreneurs and existing industries on how to produce safe and high quality food products.