Over-informed on IPM [podcast]

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A podcast by Extension State Specialist and Entomologist Anna Wallingford exploring the details of integrated pest management (IPM).

Brown Marmorated Stinkbug
Brown marmorated stinkbug (BMSB) is an invasive insect species that is a major agricultural pests in many parts of the US but only occurs at low numbers in New Hampshire. Anna wants to know if BMSB problems are in our future and when we should freak out? She asks for some advice from Rob Morison (USDA-ARS), Daniel Frank (WVU), and Anne Nielsen (Rutgers). Spoiler alert: the answer is not yet…
Spotted Wing Drosophila
Anna discusses the current situation with flies laying their eggs in blueberries with wild blueberry extension specialist, Lily Calderwood of UMaine.
striped cucumber beetle - Sadie McCracken,  UNH
Anna wonders aloud if we are currently in a golden age of striped cucumber beetle research and finds out about what’s going on down in South Carolina in the Blubaugh lab of Clemson University.
potato leafhopper adult, courtesy of Steve L. Brown, University of Georgia, Bugwood.org
Anna chats with hops IPM expert, Lily Calderwood of UMaine, about potato leafhopper and it’s likes and dislikes.
aphids on a plant
Anna dwells on the concept of acceptable levels of pests and talks to PhD student, Kadie Britt of Virginia Tech, about establishing pest thresholds in a new crop, industrial hemp.
fire blight
Anna chats with PhD candidate, Matt Boucher of Cornell University, and IPM expert extraordinaire, Kathleen Leahy of Polaris Orchard IPM, about who is to blame for spreading the causal agent of fireblight in apple.
trunk borer
Anna talks with fellow clearwing moth enthusiast, Dr. Daniel Frank of West Virginia University, about non-toxic management options for peach tree borers.
Colorado Potato Beetle CPB
Anna covers the basics of Colorado potato beetle IPM with the one you want to ask, Andrei Alyokhin of University of Maine.
plum curculio
Anna discusses a century of plum curculio research with Doug Pfeiffer (Virginia Tech) and Anne Nielsen (Rutgers University), and how sweet we have in up here in New England compared to more southern regions.
leak moth larvae
Anna gets into Participatory Action Research (PAR) with Vic Izzo and Scott Lewins from the University of Vermont. They discuss an ongoing PAR project investigating IPM solutions for the invasive leek moth, which is not a pest in New Hampshire…yet.
wild bee on blueberry flower
Anna takes a break from murder and mayhem to chat with pollinator biologist, Frank Drummond of the University of Maine, about a native crop and a native pollinator complex.
Anna waxes philosophical about good guys and bad guys. Things get confusing when she discusses earwigs with Rebecca Schmidt-Jeffries of USDA-ARS about the status of earwigs in western tree fruit.
onion maggot adult fly on a pin
Anna celebrates Mother’s Day by covering the history of cabbage maggot research, and our efforts to interfere with onion maggot maternal choice. She chats with follow entomologist, Brian Nault of Cornell University, about the current state of commercial onion maggot IPM.
winter moth
Insect outbreaks happen and understanding how winter moth or gypsy moth populations get to that stage is important to minimize the damage.
Apple used to trap insects
Identifying and monitoring pests is the first step in any IPM approach.
A leaf damaged by pests
This first episode of the Over-informed on IPM podcast explores the philosophy and varied definitions of integrated pest management (IPM).
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