Kenesha Reynolds

Asst State Specialist
Agricultural Business State Specialist
Phone: 603-862-3426
Office: Cooperative Extension, Kendall Hall Rm 328, Durham, NH 03824

Kenesha joined UNH Cooperative Extension in October, 2019 as the State Specialist in Agricultural Business Management. In this role, she will provide educational programing and expertise to the state’s farmers and agribusiness professionals to support enhanced farm profitability and viability.

Kenesha comes to Extension with a strong background of agriculture and business education. She worked previously as a county extension agent with Rutgers University in New Jersey where she provided business-focused educational programming to agricultural clients. As a post-doctoral economist, she worked with diverse farms in very rural areas of Alabama.  Most recently, Kenesha worked as a research associate with the Public Affairs Research Council of Alabama, working with local and state agencies, universities, and other non-profits with a focus in education and economic development.

Selected Publications

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