Food Safety Recertification for Rabbit and Poultry Producers

rabbits and poultry

This recertification program fulfills the education requirement specified in the rules and will help producers continue their working plan for providing safe meat products for this market.

The course is for recertification purposes only.

New Hampshire producers can sell poultry and rabbits (up to 20,000 poultry and 1,000 rabbits per calendar year) directly to NH restaurants without USDA inspection. In order for producers to legally sell their products in this way, they must complete the initial certification course with UNH Cooperative Extension and recertify after five years. If you are unsure when your certification is up, you can check your certification date here.

The recertification course contains three sections, please work through each section in chronological order. Each section contains a video lecture, a short quiz to complete, and a list of resources for your reference. Once you have completed each section you will be emailed a certificate which you can then use to re-register with the New Hampshire Department of Agriculture Markets and Food

The online recertification course is available 24/7.

The cost is $20.

Take the Food Safety Recertification for Rabbit and Poultry Producers Course