NH 4-H Virtual Community Center: Citizenship

4-H Fun and Learning at Home

Keep your family happily busy with an array of fun and educational activities exploring the 4-H Citizenship pathway, all from the comfort of your home.

  • NH 4-H Mask Task. Are you looking for a way to give back to your community? Do you like to sew? Or perhaps you like to crochet? If so, then you can help out by sewing cloth face masks or even crocheting mask extenders.
  • 4-H Photo-thon. We want to feature YOUR photos on the NH 4-H Virtual Community Center web pages and on Facebook and keep the photos rotating. Do you have a favorite photo that represents one of the 4-H learning pathways? Post it with a caption as a comment in the NH 4-H Community Facebook Group posts related to this challenge and your photo could be featured on our website, newsletter, or Facebook pages! Take it up a notch by adding the 4-H clover or theme in your photo!
  • NH 4-H Cares. This page serves as a resource as to how 4-H members can help their communities (remotely) during this time of uncertainty, by creating care packages for hospitals or planting an extra row for those facing food insecurity.
  • #SkysTheLimit Challenge. This is a fun challenge where NH 4-H youth of today make a video highlighting their 4-H project and what they are doing to get ready this year. Then share your video and use the hashtag #SkysTheLimit.
  • 4-H Clover Mailbox Challenge. Spread 4-H green and let everyone know how many people support the NH 4-H Program by putting a 4-H Clover on your mailbox. Let’s see which county gets the most!

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