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Haley Andreozzi
UNH Cooperative Extension
Durham, NH


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DURHAM, NH--Is your community group interested in hosting a presentation about New Hampshire wildlife?  Does your town have a special piece of land that is under-appreciated?  The “Speaking for Wildlife” program offers free public talks and walking tours, focused on wildlife and habitats, to libraries, town boards, classrooms, and other interested community groups in New Hampshire. 

The Speaking for Wildlife program has a trained network of volunteers who are available to deliver wildlife presentations and lead walks on public lands. Volunteers are trained through UNH Cooperative Extension and the NH Coverts Project, a wildlife volunteer program.  Volunteers from the Natural Resources Stewards Program also participate as speakers.

There are six presentations available to choose from. Indoor presentations include:  “Birds, Bats, and Butterflies” which highlights a dozen wildlife species common in New Hampshire; “New Hampshire’s Wild History” which takes you on a virtual journey through New Hampshire’s past, focusing on changes in the land and how wildlife populations have responded over time; “Bats of New Hampshire” which describes the natural history of these fascinating mammals in New Hampshire; “The Nature of New Hampshire,” a gorgeous photo gallery showcasing New Hampshire’s natural communities; “A Garden for Wildlife” that shows how anyone with a backyard, garden, or landscaped area can help wildlife, and “NHBugs: The Big Three” which focuses on three invasive insects threatening New Hampshire’s trees and forests - emerald ash borer, hemlock woolly adelgid and Asian longhorned beetle. The program also offers “Speaking for Wildlife Walks,” guided field walks on public lands that can help towns and communities raise awareness about unique properties and places.

To inquire about scheduling a Speaking for Wildlife presentation or field walk, contact Haley Andreozzi, UNH Cooperative Extension Wildlife Outreach Coordinator, at (603) 862-5327 or Additional information is also available online at:

The Speaking for Wildlife Project is a volunteer effort of UNH Cooperative Extension, the NH Coverts Project and NH Fish & Game, with funding provided by the NH Charitable Foundation and the Davis Environmental Foundation.