Research Report: Seedless table grape variety and training system evaluation, 2017

Several hardy seedless grape cultivars have been released within the last few decades. We have recently planted a research vineyard at the Agricultural Eperiment Station in Durham, NH to compare eight table grape cultivars under three training systems: vertical-shoot positioning (VSP), top-wire cordon (TWC) and modified Munson (MM).

Our Objective: To identify table grape varieties that are well suited to production in NH, and to determine the optimum training system for these varieties. We have prepared a preliminary report, describing susceptibility to diseases and winter injury observed during the first two years’ of growth, and including preliminary yield and fruit quality information from the third year of growth. Access the full report for more details.

For an update after the 2018 growing season, see the presentation entitled UNH Table Grapes Research Update from the NH Winery Association winter meeting in 2019