In Search of Community Gardens Throughout NH

Dear Community Garden Organizer, 

UNH Cooperative Extension is planning to create a map of community gardens in New Hampshire and build a network for sharing information among gardeners and organizers.  We have developed this survey to learn about your community garden and to begin to build that network.  

The interactive “story” map will provide the following:  

  • information about community gardens in NH – what each garden offers and how people can get involved  

  • educational resources for community gardens    

  • contact information to connect with other community garden organizers to share new ideas and discuss issues 

  • a place to share your community garden’s donation and volunteer needs  

By completing this survey your community garden will become part of a statewide NH community garden network where you can connect with other community gardens and people can learn about your community garden. If you do not want information about your garden to be shared publicly or put on the map, we’d still like to know about your efforts and include you in the network so that we can share ideas, best practices, safety guidelines, etc. There will be an option to be public or not on the survey. 

Survey Details: 

The survey takes about 20 minutes to complete, so get yourself in a comfy place before you start. Unfortunately, there isn’t the ability to save and come back to the survey, so may want to have a photo ready to upload and gather any contact information before you begin. The information that you submit will go directly into the story map (if you choose the public option) so please check over any text for accuracy. After the survey is submitted there is the ability to update any information.  


Here is the link: NH Community Garden Map Survey: 

Thank you so much for taking the time to fill out the survey and helping to begin a much-needed network of NH’s community gardens where we can learn from one another. We hope to turn the information around quickly and will alert you once the story map goes live so that it becomes a working resource for your garden and others across the state. If you have any technical questions on the survey or the mapping process, email Casey Porter: casey.porter@unh.eduIf you have any other questions, email  Mary Tebo Davis: or Ruth Smith:  


Ruth Smith, Mary Tebo Davis, and Casey Porter, UNH Cooperative Extension