Selling Timber—The Basics

cut timber

Selling timber is a once in a lifetime activity for most landowners. No single activity has such power to significantly improve—or degrade—your forest. Proper harvesting can provide income, improve wildlife habitat, and result in trails, better access, views, and healthy and vigorous forests. Uncontrolled exploitive cutting can reduce these values leading to environmental degradation, public resentment and legal entanglements.

Do your homework and follow sound principles to ensure a successful timber sale:

  • Practice forestry
  • Use a written contract
  • Hire a licensed forester.

Video about a carefully considered timber harvest 

By watching, you can learn how to have a carefully considered harvest on your own land that follows sound principles and meets your goals.

The following fact sheets should help:

An Overview

Use Professionals

Use a written contract

  • The Timber Sale Contract describes the key elements of a contract and also includes sample clauses and explanations of their meanings. This version contains sample contract language only.

Follow the Laws

Know about Taxes

Practice Forestry