Speaking For Wildlife Presentation - New Hampshire Bats

Title of Presentation: New Hampshire Bats and White Nose Syndrome

Bats have been in the news lately. Wondering what’s up with bats in New Hampshire? This talk will give you an overview of the different kinds of bats found in our state, where to look for them, and how landowners and homeowners can help conserve these fascinating mammals. You’ll also learn about the impact of white-nose syndrome on our bats in New Hampshire, what scientists are learning about this threat, and how you can help.

Program length: 1 hour, including time for discussion

Poster showing all of the bats of NH

Laminated "cheat sheet" with facts of all NH bats (size, good preferences, etc.)

Handout about White-nose Syndrome from NH Fish and Game

Critierial for Successful Bat Houses - Dos and Don'ts from Bat Conservation International