Speaking for Wildlife Presentation - Reptiles & Amphibians

Title of Presentation: Reptiles & Amphibians: Warming Up to New Hamphsire's Cold-Blooded Natives

Summary: The Reptiles & Amphibians slide presentation introduces participants to the frogs, salamanders, turtles and snakes that call New Hampshire home. These species range from among the most common animals in the state, to some of the rarest. You’ll learn about the many different habitats that reptiles and amphibians use, what threats they face, and what you can do to help. Presentation includes handouts and other helpful materials.

Program length: 1 hour, including time for discussion

Watch the Presentation: Click below to watch a slideshow of the presentation narrated by Kathy Schillemat, a volunteer with UNH Cooperative Extension's Speaking for Wildlife and NH Coverts Project, and Salamander Crossing Brigade volunteer for the Harris Center for Conservation Education.