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Economic Development

Broadband in NH

Broadband Internet: It's Essential    

A workshop for New Hampshire Communities

Community Business Retention and Expansion

Business Retention & Expansion Program    

A healthy local economy and an improved business climate are the goals of the Business Retention and Expansion (BR&E) Visitation program. The program promotes job growth by helping communities identify the concerns and barriers to survival and growth facing local businesses. This approach focuses on existing businesses. Studies show that 40% to 80% of all new jobs are created by existing firms than by new business attraction. Furthermore, business attraction efforts are less likely to be successful if existing businesses are unhappy with the local business climate.

Economic Development Planning

2014 EDA At A Glance Sessions and Presenters    

2014 EDA At A Glance Sessions and Presenters

A Survey of New Hampshire Seafood Consumers Results of a 2008 Survey    

Survey Conducted by: Ken LaValley, Ph.D., UNH Cooperative Extension; Charlie French, Ph.D., UNH Cooperative Extension; Catherine Violette, Ph.D., UNH Cooperative Extension

An Introduction to Cost of Community Services Studies    

A cost of community services (COCS) study is a type of fiscal impact analysis that determines the fiscal impact of current land uses on a municipality’s budget.


An Introduction to Fiscal Impact Analysis    

Estimating the Fiscal Impact of New Development.  By Thane Harrison and Charlie French, UNH Department of Resource Economics and UNH Cooperative Extension

Brownfields and Community Factsheet    

Brownfields are defined as abandoned, idled, or underused industrial and
commercial facilities where expansion or redevelopment is complicated
by real or perceived environmental contamination.

Colebrook Economic Profile Report    

Colebrook Economic Profile Report

Does Open Space Pay    

Does Open Space Pay in Brentwood prepared by Brentwood Open Space Task Force, May, 2002

Economic Impact of the N.H. Seafood Industry: Opportunity for Sustainability    

An assessment which was useful in understanding the overall state of the N.H. commercial fishing industry, the economic impact it has on the N.H. economy, and some of the factors impacting its health.

Tourist Destinations – Have you Got What it Takes to be One?    

Developing the tourism industry in your community.

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