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Getting to Know ModelBuilder

Getting to Know ModelBuilder     

ModelBuilder is a feature of ArcGIS that provides much of the flexibility of a programming language without requiring any familiarity with programming. These workshops materials introduce ArcGIS users to ModelBuilder basics: how it works, how models can be created, edited and used to automate repetitive tasks or to run complex analyses.

Getting to Know ModelBuilder materials (ArcGIS 9.2)
The workshop materials consist of the workshop manual (PDF), the presentations (PPT) and the data folders and files.

The manual contains the following sections:
     1. Creating a Basic Model
     2. Advancing Your ModelBuilder Skills
     3. Building an Iterative Model
     4A. Creating a Generic Model
     4B. Adding Documentation to Your Model

This link will direct the user to the GIS/GPS materials download site. A form must be filled out before the user will have access to the workshop materials. The information collected in this form will be used for internal reporting only.
Format: PDF
URL: http://extension.unh.edu/GISGPS/GISINFO.cfm?crs=17
Creator: UNH Cooperative Extension Geospatial Technologies Training Center

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