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GPS & You II: Pictures, Points & Places

GPS & You II: Pictures, Points & Places     

GPS II covers downloading GPS data from your GPS unit on to your computer for use in GIS programs and Google Earth. In addition, the materials cover the collection of digital photos in conjunction with GPS points, providing an interactive map of your pictures in GIS and Google Earth. GPS & You I: GPS Basics is the first of the series (followed by GPS II: Pictures, Points & Places and GPS III: Tracks & Routes).

GPS & You II: Pictures, Points & Places materials
Learn everything you ever wanted to know about how to use a handheld GPS receiver! These materials are designed for people with no GPS experience, or basic GPS users who want to learn more about this ever more important technology.

The workshop materials consist of the workshop manual (PDF), the presentations (PPT) and the data folders and files.

The manual contains the following sections:
     1. Downloading to Computer (linking with DNR Garmin)
     2. Matching Images to GPS Waypoints (using DNR Garmin)
     3. Downloading to Computer (linking with Photo2GPS)
     4. Matching Images to GPS Waypoints (using Photo2GPS)
     5. Hyperlinking in AccuGlobe
     6. Hyperlinking in ArcGIS

This link will direct the user to the GIS/GPS materials download site. A form must be filled out before the user will have access to the workshop materials. The information collected in this form will be used for internal reporting only.
Format: PDF
URL: http://extension.unh.edu/GISGPS/GISINFO.cfm?crs=14
Creator: UNH Cooperative Extension Geospatial Technologies Training Center

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