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Northern Catalpa, Catalpa speciosa

Northern Catalpa, Catalpa speciosa     

This curious tree with its almost tropical show of speckled white flowers, looks out of place in  New England;  too showy for out Puritan tastes.  The elegant trumpet shaped flowers are clustered on panicles (stems) in tiers with three smaller stems. The first two tiers produce three flowers at the end of these smaller stems to add up to nine individual flowers per tier or 18 flowers on the two tiers.  The lower tiers have but one flower at the end of the smaller stem or six additional flowers.  There were 24 individual flowers on the cluster that I counted.  Somehow the seeds produced by the flowers end up inside long skinny 6” -12 “ beans that dangle from the tree later in the summer; hanging on through the winter.

Northern Catalpa
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