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Acceptable Nutrition/Physical Activity Curricula List

also includes technology resources

Accident Report Form

UNHCE Accident/Injury/Incident Report Form

Best Practices, Community Building, Helping Action Groups Succeed

Being part of an action group working on a community-defined project can be extremely rewarding. It can also present many challenges, including those related to leadership, communication and/or coordination, resource development and planning. In light of all the challenges, the following are important points to consider.

Co-occurrence & Habitat Mapping

These workshop materials cover the use of co-occurrence analysis, both simple and weighted, for compositing a variety of data layers to make important natural resource and societal decisions.

Community Building, Helping Action Groups Succeed

Effective leadership, open communication, coordination of efforts, celebration and participatory planning are just a few elements of healthy communities. The same principles apply to effective action groups working on community defined projects.

Ideas for Action - COMMUNITY BUILDING; Helping Action Groups Succeed



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