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2016 Activities Day Registration Form

2016 Activities Day Registration Form

2017 Chef Challenge Team Registration Form

2017 Chef Challenge Team Registration Form

2017 Food Show Registration Form
  • 2017 Food Show Registration Form
4-H Foundation of NH Golf Tournament - Player Registration Form

Tom Fairchild Friend of NH 4-H Annual Golf Tournament player registration form

4honline Event Registration Instructions

4honline Event Registration Instructions

4hOnline Family Registration Help Sheet

Enrolling in 4hOnline as a NEW family – Quick Start Guide

April/May 2013 Basic GIS Workshops Brochure

Workshop brochure of introductory GIS workshops in April and May 2013 at the Carroll County UNH Cooperative Extension Offices in Conway, NH.

ArcGIS Drivers Permit

Learn GIS basics and how to use ArcGIS 9! These workshop materials are useful for people who have no prior GIS experience, but would like to become familiar with GIS concepts and basic techniques.

Basic GIS/GPS Handout

2-page handout with basic description and images explaining both GIS and GPS. Includes links to the NH state GIS database, NH's free online mapping program and the UNH Cooperative Extension GIS/GPS training center.

Briefing Book - Section 2 Legislative Basis for CE

PowerPoint of Federal, State and County Legislative Basis for CE (4 slides)

CAD Dec. 2014 Registration Form

County Activities Day registration form

CAD Registration - Grafton

Registration form for County Activities Day 2015

Club Registration - Fashion Judging - Merrimack County

Organization Leader to fill out this form for members participating in Fashion judging and fashion revue.

Co-occurrence & Habitat Mapping

These workshop materials cover the use of co-occurrence analysis, both simple and weighted, for compositing a variety of data layers to make important natural resource and societal decisions.

Community Mapping

These materials designed for educators and others interested in exploring natural and societal resources using Geographic Information System (GIS) technology. The course combines learning about natural resource management and community planning with developing skills in ArcView 3.3 GIS software. Exercises cover how to map natural resources and community assets while exploring protection strategies for their communities.

CommunityViz: Level I

CommunityViz Scenario 360 is a software tool designed to help communities and regional planners quantify, visualize, and better understand the trade-offs of alternate land use futures at the community, watershed, or site scale. It is now being utilized by a number of regional planning agencies and communities in NH, and interest in its use is expected to increase as it is used in numerous community-level buildouts around the country.

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