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Keyword: Habitats Newsletter (8)

Bird Conservation - Habitats Newsletter (spring, 2003)

Issue covers: Important Bird Areas, Forest Land Enhancement Program (FLEP), Trained Volunteers Conduct Grassland Bird Surveys, Goshawk Nesting Habitat in the White Mountains, Piping Plovers and Terns in NH, Citizen-science in Bird Monitoring and Research, Birding: A Personal View, Personal Notes on Breeding Bird Surveys, Managing for Birds, Nature Trails Become Tourism Focus, Conservation Planning for New Hampshire’s Wildlife.

Invasive Plants - Habitats Newsletter (winter, 2002)

Issue covers: What is an Invasive Plant?, Effects of Invasive Species on Natural Plant Communities, Control of Non-native Invasive Plants on Your Woodlot, Wildlife and Invasive Plants, Invasive Plant Project at Cheshire County Farm, Invasive Plants and Lost Forest Revenue, Developing Strategies for Living with Invasives, Going Native with Landscape Design.

Natural Communities Issue - Habitats Newsletter (summer, 2001)

This issue covers: What is a natural community, Global Climate Change, Evaluating the New Hampshire Professional Logger Program, Watching Our Watersheds, Implementing Biodiversity Conservation, New Hampshire Natural Heritage Inventory, Why Did the Beavers Kill the Black Gum Trees? Natural Communities Responding to Change.

Natural Disasters: Habitats Newsletter (winter, 1999)

Issue covers natural disasters related to forests & wildlife:  Ice Storm 98 Revisited, Frog Deformaties, Stormwater Controls, Effects of storm damage on White Pines, Biodiversity conservation, Floodplain Forests, Keeping floodwaters down, Critical conservation intitiatives, Butterflies & skippers in Managed Forests

NH Forest Health - Habitats Newsletter (winter, 2001)

Issue contains articles covering:  NH forest health - An Opinion, Schools monitor ozone, Invasive species - glossy buckthorn, Butternut restoration project, Hardwood dieback, White pine health, Hemlock wooly adelgid, Forested wetlands, SPNHF celebrates 100 years, Color-infrared photos available, NH Invasive Species Committee, State Forest Nursery website established.

NH Wildlife Action Plan: Habitats Newsletter (spring, 2006)

Issue covers: Introducing the NH Wildlife Action Plan, Current Conditions for Wildlife & Habitats, Species Profile: Bobcat, Habitat Profile: Floodplain Forest, Threats to Wildlife, Conservation Strategies, WAP Relevance to Landowners and Foresters, What the WAP Means to Conservationists & Planners, Viewpoint: For the Health of the Land… and Ourselves.

Recreation: Habitats Newsletter (spring, 2005)

Issue contents include: Forests For Whom and For What? Top 10 Recreation Spots You May Never Have Visited, Public Recreational Use of Private Property: To Post or Not to Post, Recreation on Conservation Easement Lands, Wildlife Viewing in New Hampshire, Backcountry Essentials, ATVs and Public Access, Visiting New Hampshire’s Biodiversity.

Water Resources: Habitats Newsletter (spring, 2002)

Issue covers: Why Saving Water Makes Sense, The Lake Chocorua Project, Geospatial Technologies Training Center, Local Water Protection Grants, Source Water Grants, Groundwater Availability Project, Water and Wildlife, Trees and Drought, Wildlife in the White Mountain National Forest.

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