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4-H Animal Requirements and Deadlines

Requirements and deadlines for Intent to Show and lease forms to participate in 4-H animal events at NH 4-H Shows, Fairs, and Eastern States Exposition.

4-H Brand Guidelines Quickstart Guide

Using the 4-H Name and Emblem

4-H Sheep and Goat Qualification Form

Eastern States Exposition (ESE, The BIG E) qualification process for 4-H Goats and Sheep

A Quick Overview of the Southern Pine Beetle

A series of pictures showing the damage southern pine beetle causes

AnSci - 2016 4-H Horse Quiz Bowl Press Release

2016 4-H Horse Quiz Bowl Press Release

AnSci - 2016 Horse Quiz Bowl Entry Packet

2016 Horse Quiz Bowl entry packet for members age 8 - 18

AnSci - Basic Judging -- The Hindquarters

Powerpoint about judging focusing on the hindquarters of the horse

AnSci - Dairy Qualifying Event for ESE

Qualifying event for 4-H members 12 and over interested in participating in the 4-H Dairy Show at Eastern States Exposition.

AnSci - Dairy Quiz Bowl

9 pages; rules and entry

Open to Novice, Juniors, Seniors 

This event will determine which seniors will be on the New Hampshire State Dairy Quiz Bowl Team.

AnSci - ESE 4-H Dog Qualification Form

NH 4-H Dog Qualification Form for ESE

AnSci - Horse Qualifying Show

Hillsborough County 4-H horse Qualifying Show for state show.

AnSci - Horse Quiz Bowl Question Writing Guidelines

Horse Quiz Bowl Question Writing Guidelines

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