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A New Hampshire Plant Palette

Trees and shrubs that work well in New Hampshire landscaping.

Big Trees - The Hunt is On!

NH Big Tree Program Brochure

Complete list of Introduced Trees Aug 3 2015

Complete list of Introduced Trees Aug 3 2015

Complete Listing of NH Big Trees Champs Aug. 3, 2015

Complete Listing of NH Big Trees Champs Aug. 3, 2015

Distinguishing Characteristics of 56 Forest Trees

Common New England trees are illustrated with a sketch and description of leaves or needles, twigs, fruit, and bark.

Drought Tolerant Plants for New Hampshire Landscapes

Lists drought tolerant plants for New Hampshire.

Dwarf Apple Trees for Home Gardens

Guide for growing dwarf apple trees at home.

Dwarf Apple Trees for Home Gardens

Dwarf apple trees offer real advantages over standard (also called seedling) apple trees. They require less space in the garden. Their reduced size makes it easier to prune and spray the trees and harvest fruit. In addition, dwarf trees bear fruit earlier than their standard-sized counterparts, often just 3-4 years from planting, as compared with 7-10 years for the average standard tree.

Dwarf Rootstocks for Apple Trees in the Home Garden

What rootstock should the home gardener choose? Here are a few notes on some of the common rootstocks available.

Efficient Water Use in Landscapes and Nurseries

Intended for commercial landscapers, property managers and nursery audiences.

Estimating the Volume of Downed Trees

Summarizes a quick and efficient method to estimate the volume of potentially salvageable timber blown over by heavy winds. This description presumes an understanding of standard methods for estimating standing timber.

Fertilizing Trees and Shrubs

Describes when to fertilize; how to manage soil pH; what fertilizers to use; how much to use; and how to apply fertilizers.

Firewood: Estimating the Volume of Standing Trees

Gives a "quick and dirty" method for estimating the amount of firewood in a stand or on a woodlot.

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