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2015 Wildlife Action Plan Report

2015 Wildlife Action Plan Report

2017 Community Assistance Program Application

Application for Taking Action for Wildlife's Community Assistance Program

A Landowner’s Guide to New England Cottontail Habitat Management

New England’s only native cottontail rabbit species is in peril. Over the past few decades, the New England cottontail has seen significant declines throughout its range, and the ongoing trend of habitat loss will further threaten the species in coming years. Fortunately, private landowners are in a position to make a significant contribution to the restoration of the species.

Addressing Wildlife Habitat and Natural Resource Protection in Municipal Land Use Documents

A document, published by NH Fish & Game and the Jordan Institute detailing how land use regulations can provide New Hampshire municipalities with tools for natural resource and wildlife habitat protection.

Bath NRI in Wildlife Journal

Bath NRI story in Jan/Feb 2013 Wildlife Journal

Bats and White Nose Syndrome

NH Fish & Game Fact sheet

Bird Conservation - Habitats Newsletter (spring, 2003)

Issue covers: Important Bird Areas, Forest Land Enhancement Program (FLEP), Trained Volunteers Conduct Grassland Bird Surveys, Goshawk Nesting Habitat in the White Mountains, Piping Plovers and Terns in NH, Citizen-science in Bird Monitoring and Research, Birding: A Personal View, Personal Notes on Breeding Bird Surveys, Managing for Birds, Nature Trails Become Tourism Focus, Conservation Planning for New Hampshire’s Wildlife.

Co-occurrence & Habitat Mapping

These workshop materials cover the use of co-occurrence analysis, both simple and weighted, for compositing a variety of data layers to make important natural resource and societal decisions.

Conservation Easements: A Step-by-Step Guide

A 4-page how-to guide to conservation easements.

Conservation Plan for NHs Coastal Watersheds

A conservation plan for the Seacoast region in NH, completed by TNC, SPNHF, the Rockingham Regional  Planning Commission, and the Strafford Regional Planning Commission, completed in 2010.

Coverts Project Brochure

A 2-page brochure describing the NH Coverts Project, a wildlife volunteer program sponsored by UNH Cooperative Extension and NH Fish & Game.

Critical Lands Index - town of Grantham, NH

An index of conservation lands created by the town of Grantham, NH (2008)

For the Birds - Bird Feeding Tips

If you’ve tried to attract and feed birds in the past, but the venture was never really a success, it may be because you were lacking a few basic pieces of information. Just a few tips on where to place your feeders, what to put in them, and what feeder types are attractive to which species can make the difference between success and failure.

Getting to Know NH GRANIT Data Mapper

These workshop materials are designed for anyone interested in getting a basic introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and learning how to make maps of NH online. The materials focus on NH’s free online GIS mapper (the NH GRANIT Data Mapper).

Good Forestry in the Granite State: Recommended Voluntary Forest Management Practices for New Hampshire

Second edition 2010. The purpose of this guide is to provide New Hampshire landowners, and the professionals that work with them, practical recommendations on sustainable management practices for individual forest ownerships. From this website, the entire book or individual chapters can be viewed and printed as pdfs or individual chapters can be viewed and printed as html.


Website containing raw GIS data and other online tools for mapping of natural resources and other community resources in New Hampshire.


An online mapping program for the state of NH, that you can use to create maps that include many natural resource features.

Habitat Stewardship Brochure Series

About the NH Wildlife Action Plan:  Habitat Stewardship Brochure Series publications.  Links to UNH Cooperative Extension website.

Habitat Stewardship Brochure Series - Headwater Streams

This brochure focuses on headwater streams as wildlife habitat, including how to identify good habitat, threats to these habitats, which wildlife are found in headwater streams, and what landowners can do to help protect these areas for wildlife.

Habitat Stewardship Brochure Series - Hemlock Hardwood Pine Forests

A brochure focusing on the wildlife of hemlock-hardwood-pine forests in New Hampshire, how to recognize this habitat, and why these forests are important.

Habitat Stewardship Brochure Series - Northern Hardwood-Conifer Forests

This brochure focuses on wildlife found in northern hardwood-conifer forests, and provides information about how landowners can provide habitat and care for it to help wildlife in need of conservation.

Habitat Stewardship Brochure Series - Shorelines

This brochure focuses on the wildlife habitat value of shorelines in New Hampshire, including wildlife that use shorelines, how to identify high quality shorelines, and what landowners can do to help wildlife that depend on shoreline habitat.  

Habitat Stewardship Brochures - Ordering Information Flyer

A handout on how to order the Habitat Stewardship Brochure

Habitat Stewardship Series: Appalachian oak-pine forests

This source focuses on the species of Appalachian oak-pine forests, how to recognize these habitats, and why they are important.

Habitat Stewardship Series: Floodplain Forests

This source examines species of floodplain forests, how to recognize floodplain forests, and why they are important.

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