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ArcGIS Drivers Permit

Learn GIS basics and how to use ArcGIS 9! These workshop materials are useful for people who have no prior GIS experience, but would like to become familiar with GIS concepts and basic techniques.

Co-occurrence & Habitat Mapping

These workshop materials cover the use of co-occurrence analysis, both simple and weighted, for compositing a variety of data layers to make important natural resource and societal decisions.

CommunityViz: Level I

CommunityViz Scenario 360 is a software tool designed to help communities and regional planners quantify, visualize, and better understand the trade-offs of alternate land use futures at the community, watershed, or site scale. It is now being utilized by a number of regional planning agencies and communities in NH, and interest in its use is expected to increase as it is used in numerous community-level buildouts around the country.

Getting to Know ModelBuilder

ModelBuilder is a feature of ArcGIS that provides much of the flexibility of a programming language without requiring any familiarity with programming. These workshops materials introduce ArcGIS users to ModelBuilder basics: how it works, how models can be created, edited and used to automate repetitive tasks or to run complex analyses.

Introduction to ArcGIS

Learn the basics of working with ArcGIS 9.3 in a hands-on learning environment! These workshop materials will be useful for people who have no prior GIS experience, as well as those who have used ArcView 3.x, but are new to ArcGIS. With a focus on New Hampshire data and applications, these materials cover how to use ArcGIS 9.x to produce attractive, effective maps.

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