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AARP Livable Communities: Great Places for All Ages

Franklin for a Lifetime, Power Point Presentation by Jennifer Wallace-Brodeur

Effective Community Communication - Best Practices

Developing effective communication in your community takes time and the involvement, commitment and support of key individuals and organizations. However, the results will be worth it for all members. The following are important points to consider.


An online mapping program for the state of NH, that you can use to create maps that include many natural resource features.

Natural Communities Issue - Habitats Newsletter (summer, 2001)

This issue covers: What is a natural community, Global Climate Change, Evaluating the New Hampshire Professional Logger Program, Watching Our Watersheds, Implementing Biodiversity Conservation, New Hampshire Natural Heritage Inventory, Why Did the Beavers Kill the Black Gum Trees? Natural Communities Responding to Change.

Natural Communities of New Hampshire

This comprehensive manual represents the culmination of 15 years of natural community classification work by the N.H. Natural Heritage Bureau. The 230-page book describes 192 different natural communities. Natural communities are recurring assemblages of plants and animals found in particular physical environments. Replaced by 2012 online version at http://www.nhdfl.org/library/pdf/Natural%20Heritage/WebVersion_Tech%20Manual.pdf

Natural Resources Inventory - Guide for Communities

Learn about identifying and describing natural resources in a local setting in a natural resources inventory.  Communities will gain a strong foundation for land conservation planning and more informed decision making about natural resources.

Natural Resources Inventory - Town of Gilmanton, NH

Materials related to the Natural Resource Inventory completed by the town of Gilmanton, NH (2004)

NH Wildlife Action Plan

Links to NH Fish & Game website with complete information, including downloads, about the NH Wildlife Action Plan. 

NH Wildlife Action Plan - Highest Ranked Habitats Map Explanation

Links to NH Fish & Game website describing how the Highest Ranked Habitats Map is derived and created.

NH Wildlife Action Plan Ecoregions Map

Links to NH Fish & Game website explaining NH ecoregions used in NH Wildlife Action Plan.

NH Wildlife Action Plan Maps - Explanation

Links to NH Fish & Game website describing how the statewide maps were derived and created.

NH Wildlife Action Plan Watershed Groupings Map

Links to NH Fish & Game website which explains the highest ranked habitat maps and the watershed groupings map.

Photo Guide to NH's Natural Communities

Website of the NH Natural Heritage Bureau.

Preparing a Conservation Plan

How to draft a conservation plan, including components, process, and implementation.

TAFW 2015 Community Application

TAFW Fall 2015 Community Application

TAFW Fall 2013 Community Application

TAFW Fall 2013 Community Application

TAFW Summer 2013 Newsletter Articles

TAFW Summer 2013 Articles

Taking Action for Wildlife - Community Updates (Fall 2010)

A tale of two communities, two lakes and 2,000 acres (Springfield and Keene - what they have accomplished to protect wildlife habitat)

Taking Action for Wildlife Newsletter Articles Winter 2011

Launching takingactionforwildlife.org

Taking Action for Wildlife Individual Newsletter Articles Winter 2011?

UNH Cooperative Extension Wildlife Webpages

Links to the University of NH Cooperative Extension webpages focused on wildlife, habitats, and habitat management.  Includes workshops, publications, and volunteer information.

UNH Durham Greenways

Information about the open spaces on and around the UNH Durham campus

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