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Coverts - Volunteer Agreement

Volunteer agreement form for NH Coverts Project volunteers

Coverts Application 2013

Application for the 2013 Coverts Workshop

Coverts Application 2014

Application for the 2014 coverts workshop

Coverts Project - Advisory Committee Minutes

Notes from the NH Coverts Project Advisory Committee meetings

Coverts Project - Annual Reports

Reports detailing statistics, training, and volunteer accomplishments of the NH Coverts Project volunteers.  Online reports begin in 2002 - earlier reports available upon request from project coordinator. 

Coverts Project - Program Evaluation 2002

An evaluation of the NH Coverts Project, completed in 2002

Coverts Project - Program Update Blog

A blog with postings about wildlife volunteer events, workshops, and volunteer opportunities related to the NH Coverts Project volunteer program.

Coverts Project - Sample Press Release for New Volunteers

A sample press release for new Coverts volunteeres to use in their local communities, to announce their completion of the Coverts Training Workshop.

Coverts Project - Volunteer Service Description

A description of the role of NH Coverts Project volunteers, including duration, roles, and dates of service. 

Coverts Project Brochure

A 2-page brochure describing the NH Coverts Project, a wildlife volunteer program sponsored by UNH Cooperative Extension and NH Fish & Game.

Coverts Project Newsletter - Making Tracks

Archived issues of the newsletter of the NH Coverts Project, a wildlife volunteer program. 

Coverts Workshop Agenda - Current

The agenda for the NH Coverts Project workshop, an annual training session for wildlife volunteers, coordinated by UNH Cooperative Extension with support from NH Fish & Game and the NH Division of Forests & Lands

Coverts Workshop- 2013

Presentations from the 2013 Coverts Project Workshop, Greenfield, September 18-21, 2013

Coverts Workshop- 2014

Presentations from the Coverts Project Workshop, Greenfield, May 7-10, 2014

Coverts Workshop- 2015

Presentations from the Coverts Workshop, Greenfield, NH, May 6-9, 2015

Coverts Workshop- 2016

Presentations from the Coverts Workshop, Greenfield, NH, May 4-7, 2016

Coverts Workshop-2010

Presentations used at the 2010 Coverts Project Workshop, Greenfield NH, Sept. 23-26, 2010

Coverts Workshop-2011

Presentations from the 2011 Coverts Project Workshop, Greenfield NH, September 21-24, 2011

Coverts Workshop-2012

Presentations from the Coverts Workshop, Greenfield, NH October 3-6, 2012

Current Coverts Evaluation, Survey & Application

Workshop Evaluations & Surveys for the most recent year


Effective Community Communication - Best Practices

Developing effective communication in your community takes time and the involvement, commitment and support of key individuals and organizations. However, the results will be worth it for all members. The following are important points to consider.

How to Conduct Outreach, Education & Communication about Wildlife

A task list from the "Taking Action for Wildlife" project with guidance about how to conduct public outreach related to wildlife and habitats.

Speaking for Wildlife - Brochure

Wildlife volunteers offering free public talks and walks in New Hampshire’s Upper Valley

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