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Creating a Vibrant Downtown Franklin

Franklin for a Lifetime Power Point Presentation

Creating an Agricultural Commission in Your Hometown

A guide to creating an agricultural commission.

Creating an Agricultural Commission in Your Hometown

Creating an Agricultural Commission in Your Hometown 

by Lorraine Stuart Merrill
NH Coalition for Sustaining Agriculture

Creating Dish Gardens

A dish garden is a miniature landscape in an open, shallow container.

Eat Healthier and Save Money

Program information for income eligible groups and individuals related to nutrition, food safety, buying and preparing healthy food for yourself and your family.

Heating with Wood and Coal

This book is intended to provide basic information on using wood or coal for home heating. Choosing a fuel, fireplaces, stoves, and furnaces are discussed. Stove installation basics and safety are reviewed. Intended for homeowners and educators. Revised 2003.

Update Your Plate


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