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4-H Pathway Foods Event Training 2018

Training for leaders to learn what's new for the 4-H Foods Events and why food safety is an essential skill for youth!

Farmers’ Markets and Food Safety

Farmers’ Markets and Food Safety

Five Steps to Food Safe Fruit and Vegetable Home Gardening
This two-page fact sheet highlights five steps home gardeners can take to keep food safe.
Food Safety

We left a casement window open in the basement during the recent
cold snap, and I found some of my home-canned foods had partially
frozen. Are they safe to eat?

Food Safety

Food Safety

Food Safety for Poultry Producers

Designed for poultry producers who operate under the 1000-Bird Federal Exemption and others who process poultry. This session will highlight recommended food safety practices at each step in your poultry processing. These practices not only provide a safer product for your customers but also can result in a higher quality product.

FSMA Final Rules

FSMA Final Rules - Sprague|Bryant

Garden to Table: Five Steps to Food Safe Fruit and Vegetable Home Gardening
This longer booklet form of the two-page fact sheet - Five Steps to Food Safe Fruit and Vegetable Home Gardening - provides in-depth food safety information and fruit/vegetable storage charts for the home gardener.
Garden to Table: Storing Fresh Garden Produce
This two-page fact sheet/chart for the home gardener provides information on fruit and vegetable storage methods, times, and tips. 
Senior Smart Choices Winter 2009

Leftovers, Food Safety for Leftovers, Do You Qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit, Ask Miss Smarty, NH Assistance Handbook

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