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A Guide to Logging Aesthetics: Practical Tips for Loggers, Foresters, and Landowners

This award-winning publication addresses planning and conducting a timber harvest with aesthetics in mind. Topics include truck roads, landings, skid trails, tree felling, administration, planning, and cost.

An Assessment of Biomass Harvesting on Small Woodlots in New Hampshire, June 1984

Report of a 400-acre study of biomass harvesting on 21 woodlots from 4 to 39 acres evaluating a mix of equipment, terrain and forest conditions.

Basal Area Law

Summarizes the basal area law (RSA 227-J:9) which requires forested buffers be left along town and state roads, streams, and bodies of water following a timber harvest.

Best Management Practices for Erosion Control on Timber Harvesting Operations in New Hampshire

Guidelines for conducting forest management in and adjacent to wetlands and surface waters are known as best management practices. This booklet contains these guidelines, some of which are law. Updated 2016.

Best Management Practices for Forestry: Protecting New Hampshire's Water Quality

Describes Best Management Practices (BMPs) for protecting water quality during forest harvests.

Deceptive Forestry Business Practices

Summarizes the deceptive forestry business practices law (RSA 227-J:15) which requires a written contract, with mutually agreed upon prices and amounts, as well as a time-line for remuneration for all forest products subject to a "notice of intent to cut."

Developing a Portable Sawmill Enterprise (order form)

Reviews key considerations when investigating options to develop a portable sawmill enterprise.

Directory of Licensed Foresters Offering Services to Private Landowners in New Hampshire

An online database of foresters licensed in New Hampshire who provide services to private landowners and others. It is maintained by UNH Cooperative Extension. The names are supplied by the State of NH Board of Licensure for Foresters. Additional information is provided by the listed foresters. This listing doesn't constitute an endorsement.

Directory of Sawmills & Lumber Wholesalers In New Hampshire

The New Hampshire Directory of Sawmills and Lumber Wholesalers is a resource for those looking to purchase or sell wood products. The directory is maintained by UNH Cooperative Extension. Businesses are listed with permission and an individual business listing does not constitute an endorsement by UNH Cooperative Extension.

Estimating the Volume of Downed Trees

Summarizes a quick and efficient method to estimate the volume of potentially salvageable timber blown over by heavy winds. This description presumes an understanding of standard methods for estimating standing timber.

Forest Products Road Manual: A Handbook for Municipal Officials & the Forest Products Industry

A guide for both municipal officials and the forest products industry to improve understanding of the laws which govern public roadways.

Good Forestry in the Granite State: Recommended Voluntary Forest Management Practices for New Hampshire

Second edition 2010. The purpose of this guide is to provide New Hampshire landowners, and the professionals that work with them, practical recommendations on sustainable management practices for individual forest ownerships. From this website, the entire book or individual chapters can be viewed and printed as pdfs or individual chapters can be viewed and printed as html.

Guide to New Hampshire Timber Harvesting Laws

Includes information on laws on current use assessment, timber tax, wetlands, timber trespass, deceptive business practices, basal area, slash and land conversion. Landowners, loggers, foresters, municipal officials and others will find what they need when planning or reviewing a timber harvest.

Guide to the Perfect Sawmill Tour

Here’s the guide to help you plan the perfect mill tour. Do your homework and your mill tour will be a guaranteed success. This guide outlines the planning process and provides you with easy-to-use checklists to make hosting an open house a stress-free event.

Harvesting wood in emerald ash borer quarantined areas

Regulations affecting wood products harvested in Belknap, Hillsborough, Merrimack and Rockingham Counties due to the emerald ash borer quarantine. Updated 7/10/2015

Income Tax Deduction for Timber Casualty Loss

Describes when "casualty losses" may be claimed for timber damaged or destroyed by hurricane, fire, earthquake, ice, hail, tornado, high winds and other storms.

Maine Forest Laws

2014, Maines Forest Laws

Major New Hampshire Species and Their Uses

Trees of New Hampshire and their human uses.  

New Hampshire Best Management Practices for Erosion Control on Timber Harvesting Operations - 2016

Guidelines for conducting forest management in and adjacent to wetlands and surface waters are known as best management practices. This booklet contains these guidelines, some of which are law. 2016 edition.

New Hampshire Firewood: How to Purchase Your Wood Supply

A brochure which describes the legal definition of a cord in New Hampshire; How to measure a stack of firewood; Dry, green, or seasoned; How to store firewood; How topurchase firewood; Specifications; Precautions and Quarantines.

New Hampshire Forestry Reports

From 1885 through 1960, the precurser to today's state forestry agency, the N.H. Division of Forests and Lands in the Dept. of Resources and Economic Development published periodic reports to the state legislature on the forests of New Hampshire.

New Hampshire Native Lumber Law

New Hampshire Native Lumber Law, RSA 434:59-61 enables NH sawmills to sell lumber to end users that are building structures subject to building codes.

New Hampshire's Licensed Foresters

Description of New Hampshire's licensed forester law including relevant statutes and rules.  

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