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2016 Snack Smart Cooking Kit

The Snack Smart Cooking kit contains all the equipment a group of 10 will need to prepare snacks and other recipes. This includes: bakeware, pots and pans, bowls, cutting mats, pot holders, pitchers, juicer, cooking utensils, and optional hand blender, and/or double burner hot plate.

The kit can be used in 4-H youth programs across Rockingham County including afterschool programs, 4-H clubs, workshops and special events and summer garden programs.

Cooking Basics

4-6 free in-home sessions tailored to your family’s needs. Hands-on cooking, create a recipe file of family favorite meals; healthy choices for a healthy weight; stretch your food dollars; staying active and more! If you qualify for Food Stamps, WIC, Medicaid, Housing Assistance, or other types of financial assistance, then you qualify for free participation in Nutrition Connections programs.

Smart Choices - 2006 - Summer/Fall

How Eating Breakfast Helps Children Be Their Best; Kitchen Cleaning On The Cheap;

Smart Choices - 2007 - Spring

It Doesn't Have to Be Fresh to Be Good For You; Get Fresh, Eat More Fruits and Veggies: ; Time For Farmers' Market Coupons Again!

Smart Choices - 2007 - Winter

The High Cost Of Eating Out; Do Coupons Really Save Money?; Earned Income Tax Credit; Who Can Get EITC and How Much Is It Worth?; Why French Women Don't Get Fat; Stay Healthy This Winter; Recipes

What's On Your Plate?

MyPlate is all about portions

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