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Apple Tree Borers in New Hampshire

Several species of insects bore into NH apple trees, including round-headed apple tree borer, flat-headed apple tree borer, dogwood borer, leopard moth and the broad-necked root borer.

Insect Pests of Home Lawns

Insect Pests of Home Lawns

Sweet Corn - Setting Up Traps to Monitor Insects in New Hampshire

Begin monitoring for corn earworm in late June or early July. You want to have the trap up and running before any of your corn is in fresh silk stage. When there is no more sweet corn in fresh silking stage, monitoring can cease.

Sweet Corn -Identifying Common Caterpillars

Corn earworm, Fall armyworm, and European corn borer caterpillars can all infest the ears of sweet corn.

Tortoise Beetle-Question of the Week

An insect that looks like a tiny turtle encased in an oval of glass seems to be eating holes in my tomatoes. What is it?

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