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Alternatives to Invasive Landscape Plants

27 plant species are currently prohibited from sale, transport, distribution, propagation or transplantation in New Hampshire including burning bush, Japanese barberry and Norway maple (see entire list appended to this fact sheet). This publication suggests alternative landscape plants for New Hampshire.

Forest Health Issues in New Hampshire- December 2008

Topics include: elongate hemlock scale, hemlock woolly adelgid, oak wilt, tree response to the ice storm of 1998, Sirex noctilio, invasive plants, emerald ash borer, Asian longhorned beetle, global warming and wildlife, and firewood as a means of spreading forest pests.

Invasive Plants - Habitats Newsletter (winter, 2002)

Issue covers: What is an Invasive Plant?, Effects of Invasive Species on Natural Plant Communities, Control of Non-native Invasive Plants on Your Woodlot, Wildlife and Invasive Plants, Invasive Plant Project at Cheshire County Farm, Invasive Plants and Lost Forest Revenue, Developing Strategies for Living with Invasives, Going Native with Landscape Design.

Stewardship Network: Invasives

Garlic mustard life cycle (from Hanover Biodiversity Committee, Hanover, NH; March 2014)

Using Fire To Control Invasive Plants: What's New, What Works in the Northeast

A symposium, Using Fire to Control Invasive Plants: What’s New, What Works in the Northeast?, was held on January 24, 2003. Researchers and fire managers presented results and observations from their work.

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