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Alternatives to Invasive Landscape Plants

27 plant species are currently prohibited from sale, transport, distribution, propagation or transplantation in New Hampshire including burning bush, Japanese barberry and Norway maple (see entire list appended to this fact sheet). This publication suggests alternative landscape plants for New Hampshire.

Enhancing Landscape Use of Native Shrubs: Moving Beyond Winterberry

presentation by Jessica Lubbell at NNE Nursery Conference 2015

Integrated Landscaping: Following Nature's Lead

Lavishly illustrated, Integrated Landscaping features original photos, drawings, and sketches on almost every page to provide clear examples of the concepts presented. The book also incorporates 12 plant-system models that help landscapers and gardeners apply the concepts of layering and visualize how plants can work together in a variety of different low- and high-stress settings.

Landscaping at the Water's Edge

A manual for New Hampshire landowners and landscapers. Discusses stormwater management strategies and landscape practices that help protect clean lakes, streams, rivers and estuaries.

Landscaping at the Water's Edge: An Ecological Approach

A manual for New Hampshire landowners and landscapers.

Landscaping with Flowers

This fact sheet offers suggestions on designing a colorful border planting of annuals and perennials.

Planting and Mulching Trees and Shrubs

Information on selecting and planting trees and shrubs, staking and mulching, watering  and providing care during establishment.

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