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AnSci - Campus Map Cole Barton

Map showing location of Cole and Barton

ArcGIS Drivers Permit

Learn GIS basics and how to use ArcGIS 9! These workshop materials are useful for people who have no prior GIS experience, but would like to become familiar with GIS concepts and basic techniques.

Best Practices, Community Building, Mapping Community Assets

When implementing an asset mapping activity in your community, the following are important points to consider.

Blacklegged Ticks in New Hampshire, Updated Map 2015

This map is the result of 26 years of  active and passive surveillance on blacklegged tick (BLT) in New Hampshire.In the beginning, there were just three published records of this species in New Hampshire.This map compiles over 900 records, through December 1, 2015. 

Co-occurrence & Habitat Mapping

These workshop materials cover the use of co-occurrence analysis, both simple and weighted, for compositing a variety of data layers to make important natural resource and societal decisions.

Community Building, Mapping Community Assets

Community assets are the physical and non?physical resources in a community used to improve the quality of community life. They can be anything from people to places to organizations. Any community asset can be applied to a community project. Assets are easily forgotten if they aren’t written down and accessible to project leaders. To avoid this, mapping community assets is the practice of identifying, listing and analyzing these resources for use in community building work.

Community Mapping

These materials designed for educators and others interested in exploring natural and societal resources using Geographic Information System (GIS) technology. The course combines learning about natural resource management and community planning with developing skills in ArcView 3.3 GIS software. Exercises cover how to map natural resources and community assets while exploring protection strategies for their communities.

County Offices Map

NH map showing locations of UNHCE offices

Emerald Ash Borer Risk Map

A map showing risk zones for infestation of ash trees by emerald ash borer. Updated 9/21/2017.

Epping NRI Maps

Epping NRI Maps Sample Set

Field Specialist & Program Coordinator Placement Map and List

NH county map with list of field specialists and program coordinators and program areas

Fourth Annual Maple School

Whether you're a big producer or backyard sugar maker, you will benefit from the expertise of the speakers and be ready for next season. Maple equipment suppliers and manufacturers will be on hand to answer questions and showcase products.

Getting to Know NH GRANIT Data Mapper

These workshop materials are designed for anyone interested in getting a basic introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and learning how to make maps of NH online. The materials focus on NH’s free online GIS mapper (the NH GRANIT Data Mapper).

Google Puts the G in GPS

Learn to bring GPS data into Google Earth and Google Maps, and just as easily, put features from those maps into your GPS! This workshop builds on basic concepts from GPS Basics by providing exploring the ways in which GPS can be used in combination with Google mapping software. 

Ideas for Action - Community Building; Mapping Community Assets



Looking for Norway Maple?

Norway Maple is prohibited from sale or planting in NH. Consider using these alternatives.


Making Maps the Google Way

Learn how to make interactive and 3D maps using free Google mapping tools! These workshop materials explore the basics of Google Earth and Google Maps with a special focus on creating your own maps to share with others.

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