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Cabbage Maggot - #28

Cabbage Maggot - pest fact sheet #28

Colorado Potato Beetle

The Colorado Potato Beetle (CPB) became a pest when settlers brought potatoes into the Rocky Mountain area, the native home of this beetle. The beetle preferred the potato to its host weed and has spread to become a serious pest throughout the US and Eastern Canada.The CPB feeds on the leaves and terminal growth of nightshade-family plants, such as potato, tomato, and eggplant. The potato, however, is its preferred plant. The above-ground destruction of potato plants can cause severe reduction in tuber size and overall yield.


Cutworms are the larval form of dozens of different species of small brown or tan, banded moths. Depending on the species, cutworms damage plants in several ways.

European Corn Borer

The European corn borer (ECB, family Pyralidae, order Lepidoptera) arrived in North America during the early 1900s, probably in broom corn imported from Hungary and Italy for the manufacture of brooms.

Flea Beetles
The name flea beetle describes many species of small beetles that chew tiny shot-holes in plant foliage and jump around like fleas when disturbed. Although some species feed on a wide range of plants, most FB species attack a single species or family of related plants.
Imported Cabbageworm
The imported cabbageworm (ICW), the larval form of the delicate white butterflies that flutter around the summer garden, is a serious pest of cabbage-family crops.
Raspberry Cane Borer - #53

Raspberry Cane Borer - Pest Fact Sheet #53


Slugs are slimy, soft-bodied, grayish, orange or brownish mottled mollusks - snails without shells. Slugs vary in length up to 4 inches and leave a slimy silver-colored trail wherever they travel. They can become serious pests in and around the home, garden, and greenhouse.

Striped Cucumber Beetle #20

Striped Cucumber Beetle - Pest Fact Sheet #20

Tarnished Plant Bug #1

Tarnished Plant Bug, fact sheet 1

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