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Bee Nest Box Guidelines

How to build simple wood nest boxes for native bees that are cavity nesters.

Bee Nest Box Guidelines

How to build wood bee nest boxes for native bees that make their homes in cavities.

Flowering Calendar for Wildflower Species in Southern New Hampshire

Phenology chart for selecting pollinator plants to bloom all season long

Planting for Pollinators

Provides recommendations on selecting species, site preparation, planting, and management of wildflower meadows for pollinator habitat. Poster format.

Pollinator Appreciation Day

flyer for 2017 Pollinator Appreciation Day

Wildflower Mixes for Trial in New Hampshire

This suggests two options for custom seed mixes for establishing a wildflower meadow on a medium to dry, sunny site in northern New England.

Wildflowers for New England Meadows and Pollinator Plantings

A list of native and naturalized perennials and grasses used in New England wildflower mixes for designing sustainable meadows and pollinator gardens. Includes plant characteristics and bloom times. Revised July 2015.

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