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4-H Animal Requirements and Deadlines

Requirements and deadlines for Intent to Show and lease forms to participate in 4-H animal events at NH 4-H Shows, Fairs, and Eastern States Exposition.

4-H Animal Science Bonanza

Team Activities

Guest Speakers

Skillathons and Quiz Bowl: Beef, Sheep, Poultry, Goat, Dairy, Horse

AnSci - Animal Event Survey

2 page survey to be used at 4-H animal events

AnSci - Animal Lease Form

2-page Record of 4-H Lease of an animal -  form and policy

AnSci - Baby Poultry and Salmonella

Helpful information about baby poultry and Salmonella

Brooding and Caring for Chicks

Fact Sheet for getting day-old chicks off to a good start.

Food Safety for Poultry Producers

Designed for poultry producers who operate under the 1000-Bird Federal Exemption and others who process poultry. This session will highlight recommended food safety practices at each step in your poultry processing. These practices not only provide a safer product for your customers but also can result in a higher quality product.

Have a Backyard Flock? Don't Wing it!

Information about raising chickens

History of Chicken Flocks in the US

Information on raising backyard poultry. Includes topics such as housing and management practices, care of eggs, nutrition requirements, disease and parasite control, chicken terms and additional sources of information.

Introduction to the NH 4-H Poultry Project

 fact sheet about the 4-H Poultry Project

Livestock Producers Working with Slaughterhouses - workshop brochure

This brochure gives agenda, speaker, and registration information for the mid-February 2014 workshop in Concord.

New Hampshire 4-H Poultry Clinic Flyer

Flyer for the New Hampshire 4-H Poultry Clinic

NH 4-H Animal Requirements and Deadlines

A form that compiles all the up-to-date requirements for vaccinations, ages, and approval forms for 4-H Animals to attend 4-H events, shows, fairs and exhibitions.

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