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Apple Tree and Blueberry Bush Pruning Workshop

Pruning Workshop at Riverview Farm, April 2, 2016

Apple Tree and Blueberry Bush Pruning Workshop

Annual apple tree and blueberry bush pruning demos will also include 2.5 pesticide credits at River View Farm in Plainfield

Blueberry Pruning and Apple Grafting Demonstration

This flyer gives details about this April 19, 2014 workshop in North Haverhill, NH.

Fruit Pruning Demonstrations

Fruit Pruning Demonstrations - Spring 2014

Fruit Tree Pruning Workshop

Fruit Tree Pruning Workshop

Growing Vegetables: Pruning Tomato Plants

Pruning, or selectively removing some of the tomato plant growth, can improve harvestable yields and prolong the harvest season. This fact sheet contains basic guidelines for when and how to prune tomato plants.

Planting and Mulching Trees and Shrubs

Information on selecting and planting trees and shrubs, staking and mulching, watering  and providing care during establishment.

Pruning Evergreens in the Landscape

Information on when to prune, what tools to use, and pruning techniques.

Spring 2014 Tree & Shrub Pruning Demonstrations

Four Tree & Shrub Pruning Demonstrations in New Hampshire in April and May, 2014.

Training and Pruning Young Apple and Pear Trees

Proper training and pruning is essential for development of structurally strong, productive apple and pear trees that will bear high quality fruits annually for many years.

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