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AnSci - Junior Hippology Sample Problem

Junior Hippology Sample Problem

Briefing Book - Section 2: Sample MOU Letter

Sample MOU letter to Counties from UNHCE

Coverts Project - Sample Press Release for New Volunteers

A sample press release for new Coverts volunteeres to use in their local communities, to announce their completion of the Coverts Training Workshop.

New England 4-H Horse Show Sample Forms

New England 4-H Horse Show Sample Forms for use by judges and officials in 4-H Horse Shows

NH 4-H Association: Donation Thank You Forms - Samples

Sample thank you letter forms for clubs and affiliates

Sample 4-H Club Planning Calendar

Club Management. A sample of a completed 4-H Planning Calendar.

Sample Letter to Volunteer (File Incomplete)

Volunteer applicant is given list of items still missing from their file (prior to appointment.)

Sample Letter to Volunteer Applicant

Sample cover letter to send to volunteer applicant with application form.

Sample Letter to Volunteer Applicant's References

Sample cover letter to send to volunteer applicant's references with reference form.

Sample presentation folder label

With current UNHCE logo - Avery 8163 label

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