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A Landowner’s Guide to New England Cottontail Habitat Management

New England’s only native cottontail rabbit species is in peril. Over the past few decades, the New England cottontail has seen significant declines throughout its range, and the ongoing trend of habitat loss will further threaten the species in coming years. Fortunately, private landowners are in a position to make a significant contribution to the restoration of the species.


Website containing raw GIS data and other online tools for mapping of natural resources and other community resources in New Hampshire.

Identification & Documentation of Vernal Pools in New Hampshire

Anyone interested in locating vernal pools in their area -- landowners, towns or conservation groups -- can get detailed guidance from this complete how-to manual.

Incorporating Wildlife Action Plan Information into an NRI

NH Fish & Game directions for how to incorporate NH Wildlife Action Plan information into a community's Natural Resource Inventory

Natural Resource Inventory Maps - Suggested Maps

A table showing the recommended maps to included in a Natural Resource Inventory, used by communities in New Hampshire. 

Natural Resources Inventory - Town of Gilmanton, NH

Materials related to the Natural Resource Inventory completed by the town of Gilmanton, NH (2004)

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