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17th Annual Blackfly Breakfast

Presentations from the 17th Blackfly Breakfast held on April 28, 2015 with the featured presentations on how foresters and loggers use technology in-the-field.

18th Annual Blackfly Breakfast

Presentations from the 18th Blackfly Breakfast held on April 26, 2016 with the featured presentations on changing low-grade markets.

27th Mud Season Breakfast

Presentations from the 27th Mud Season Breakfast held on May 4, 2017.

A Guide to Logging Aesthetics: Practical Tips for Loggers, Foresters, and Landowners

This award-winning publication addresses planning and conducting a timber harvest with aesthetics in mind. Topics include truck roads, landings, skid trails, tree felling, administration, planning, and cost.

A Landowner's Guide to Inventorying and Monitoring Wildlife in New Hampshire

This guide will help you become a better observer of wildlife, and help you understand the needs of different wildlife species and where they might be found on the land. You also will learn how to conduct your own inventory of different wildlife species and to monitor changes in their numbers over time. Finally, you will learn about statewide and national wildlife monitoring programs where your skills, knowledge, and data collection can contribute to broader wildlife studies.

A Partial Listing of Publications on Tree and Shrub Identification

Not intended to be a complete listing of tree and shrub identification books, published in 2003

A Quick Overview of the Southern Pine Beetle

A series of pictures showing the damage southern pine beetle causes

An Assessment of Biomass Harvesting on Small Woodlots in New Hampshire, June 1984

Report of a 400-acre study of biomass harvesting on 21 woodlots from 4 to 39 acres evaluating a mix of equipment, terrain and forest conditions.

Ash Tree Identification

Help track emerald ash borer by learning how to identify its hosts--white, green and black ash.

Beavers and Their Control

Like all wildlife beaver have both positive and negative wildlife values. Their unique ability to construct dams and create substantial water impoundments can drastically change the ecology of wooded areas and natural marshes.

Best Management Practices for Erosion Control on Timber Harvesting Operations in New Hampshire

Guidelines for conducting forest management in and adjacent to wetlands and surface waters are known as best management practices. This booklet contains these guidelines, some of which are law. Updated 2016.

Best Management Practices for Forestry: Protecting New Hampshire's Water Quality

Describes Best Management Practices (BMPs) for protecting water quality during forest harvests.

Bringing Research to New Hampshire's Forests

Proceedings from a September 2008 Workshop at Fox State Forest, Hillsborough looks at 75 years of research including a blue stain study and crop tree management.

Burnell Ridge Group Wildlife Habitat Management Trail Conway-Chatham

Field guide for a trail established in the 1980's

Christmas Tree Pest Manual, 3rd edition

New edition—2014. This manual can help you identify and control Christmas tree pests in the north central region of the U.S. and most of the information applies to the northeastern states.

Common Prescribed Burning Prescription Parameters in Northeastern Fuels

Prescribed fire is an important management tool in select northeastern United States habitats. This paper presents prescription parameters that are commonly used in northeastern United States fuels (grass, shrub, timber, slash) and habitats.

Conservation Easements: A Step-by-Step Guide

A 4-page how-to guide to conservation easements.

Conserving Your Land: Options for NH Landowners

Links to the Forest Society website where you can order this NH-specific publication and connect with other online resources about land protection.

Controlling Hemlock Woolly Adeglid in New Hampshire

Describes different strategies and control options including cultural, biological in pesticide options.

Coverts Workshop- 2013

Presentations from the 2013 Coverts Project Workshop, Greenfield, September 18-21, 2013

Coverts Workshop- 2014

Presentations from the Coverts Project Workshop, Greenfield, May 7-10, 2014

Coverts Workshop- 2015

Presentations from the Coverts Workshop, Greenfield, NH, May 6-9, 2015

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