Telling Your Story with Maps | Narrative-Driven [online workshop]

Telling Your Story with Maps | Narrative-Driven workshop

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Workshop summary  

Driven by Esri's ArcGIS Online, Story Maps are a great way to share your information and tell your story to a wide variety of stakeholders! While graphs, charts, PowerPoint presentations, and maps have been commonly used sharing information projects, towns, lakes, etc., interactive visual stories are a more powerful way to engage a range of audiences. Story Maps have dramatically expanded the ability of people to present information in a compelling online format for free (or nearly so) without any coding knowledge. 

This workshop focuses on helping participants learn how to tell their stories through interactive, narrative-driven Story Maps, currently the Esri Classic Story Map templates of Map Series, Map Journal, and Cascade, as well as, the new ArcGIS StoryMaps template. This workshop will be updated over time as more capabilities become available in ArcGIS StoryMaps. To learn about photo-based Story Maps, please consider our Telling Your Story with Maps | Photo-Based workshop.

Participants will learn to   create and edit narrative-driven Story Maps and StoryMaps

Software discussed   ArcGIS Online  |  Classic Story Maps  |  ArcGIS StoryMaps

Templates covered   Map Series  |  Map Journal  |  Cascade  |  ArcGIS StoryMaps

Length   1:00pm to 4:00pm

Dates   see below for upcoming events

Format   IN-PERSON - instructor and students in same location  |  REMOTE - students attend via web conference

Cost    $79 standard in-person  |  $69 reduced in-person  |  $59 remote

Cost note   reduced rate applies to educational, non-profit, and governmental participants

Note   Experience with ArcGIS Online is suggested for this workshop. If you have not previously worked with ArcGIS Online, consider taking our Getting to Know ArcGIS Online workshop.

Contact   content - email Shane Bradt or call 603-862-4277  |  logistics - email Jen Adie or call 603-862-1029

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Getting to Know ArcGIS Online workshop

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