Five UNH cooperative extension volunteers are walking through the woods in a single-file line. At the center of the line is a young woman in a green jacket; she is visible through some small trees.

Support Us

Together we make life in New Hampshire better.

You can support our work in four important ways. 

Tell A Friend

The simple act of telling someone that UNH Cooperative Extension helped you is very powerful. Sign up for Extension Update and share the great things we do with your friends, family and neighbors.

Volunteer Your Time

Join us in service to the state. Become one of the more than 5,000 volunteers who work to make our state better. Consider joining a county or state advisory council to help chart our course in the future.  

Advocate For Us

To do our work, we rely on our longstanding partnerships with New Hampshire's 10 counties to provide financial support. In turn, we provide staff, resources, information and services that directly benefit county citizens and communities. When budgets are contested, we need advocates to stand up and endorse our work at town meetings and budget hearings.     

Give a Gift 

A financial gift for your favorite Extension program is an important way to show your support and help ensure our services will continue. Please talk with Extension Dean and Director Ken La Valley about Extension gift opportunies, or make a gift today online. 

Give a Gift