Mobile and Crowdsource Mapping with Survey123 [workshop]

mobile and crowdsource mapping with survey123

Workshop summary   Learn how to collect and map information from any phone or computer using Survey123! Survey123 is a powerful crowdsource and mobile mapping tool which allows people to submit data directly to ArcGIS Online from any internet-connected device (including mobile phones). In addition, data collection can be limited to certain individuals or can be expanded to anyone who has the survey link. Once data are collected, they can be mapped in a variety of ways using ArcGIS Online and Story Maps. 

Participants will learn to   create custom data collection forms for mapping projects | use a mobile device or computer to collect and submit map | create online maps with data collected 

Software discussed   Survey 123 for ArcGIS  |  ArcGIS Online

Cost   $59      Length   1:00pm to 4:00pm     Contact   email Sharon Hughes or call 603-862-1029

Registration   register online

Note   In order to get the most out of this workshop, you should have either taken our Getting to Know ArcGIS Online workshop or have experience using ArcGIS Online.


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