Nutrition Programs for Youth

Nutrition Connections works with youth to develop into healthy adults by teaching them to make healthy choices and be more physically active. Trained staff provide up-to-date information and share it through hands-on learning activities.

In FY2017 we reached more than 5,300 youth throughout the state with our nutrition lessons. We work with schools and other youth groups that have the highest percentage of youth eligible for free and reduced price meals.

Our lessons teach the importance of:

Making smart choices from every food group.

Making physical activity a part of daily life.

Practicing food safety as it relates to food handling.

The lessons also support and encourage eating breakfast. Children have the opportunity to taste new foods.

Here’s what children say about the program:

"I never would have tried this if I hadn’t made it."

"This tastes better than it looks."

"I didn’t think I’d like stuff, but it’s pretty good. Can I take some home for my mom to try?"

"If I just saw this on the table I would never have eaten it."