Simple Meal Plans

Make it quick and easy using our low cost menu planner. It includes a complete set of recipes and a shopping list for the week's meal. Planning ahead saves time and money.


5 Tips When Using These Plans

Substitute foods you know your family will like and are within your budget. If your family likes cooked carrots instead of broccoli, change in the menu and shopping list.

Look for fruits and vegetables in season by looking at NH Harvest Season Chart or Fruits and Veggies More Matters. They usually cost less and can be substituted for expensive items in a recipe.

Cook several main dishes when you have more time like on a weekend. Make soups, stews, or casseroles to freeze for the next week. Cook extra food as "plan-overs" for later use.

Do some tasks ahead. Wash and trim vegetables, cook noodles for a pasta salad or cook ground meat for tacos a few hours ahead or the day before you need them. This can save you lots of time during busy weekday evenings. Always refrigerate cut vegetables and cooked food right away.

Think about color. Colorful meals are more appealing to eat.