Speaking for Wildlife Presentation - Birds, Bats & Butterflies

Summary: The Birds, Bats & Butterflies slide presentation highlights a dozen wildlife species commonly seen in New Hampshire. Participants will learn cool animal facts and find out about how the diverse mix of habitats in our region support species such as American woodcock, painted turtle, pileated woodpecker, wood frogs, little brown bats and other captivating creatures. Presentation includes handouts and other helpful materials.

Program length: 1 hour, including time for discussion

The Dozen Wildlife Species: Yellow warbler, red fox, black bear, monarch butterfly, American woodcock, little & big brown bat, moose & deer, red-backed salamander, painted turtle, wood frog, Cooper's hawk, pileated woodpecker.

Watch the presentation:  Below you can watch the slideshow narrated by Emma Carcagno, Wildlife Program Coordinator, UNH Cooperative Extension. This presentation has been updated since the recording of this video; some information and visuals will differ.