STEaMpunk Challenge

The STEaMpunk Invention Challenge is a celebration of STEaM (Science, Technology, Engineering, arts and Math) and human creativity, where groups of youth design and build a crazy chain reaction machine to complete a simple task.  These fun inventions link together simple machines and quirky uses of common items in a chain reaction.  Imagine lots of levers, pulleys, rolling balls, falling dominos, etc.  The goal of the STEaMpunk Invention Challenge is to inspire curiosity and encourage creativity and design thinking while inventing a crazy invention to complete a simple task.  This challenge is also inspired by STEaMpunk fiction which describes a fictional Victorian era where modern electrical/digital technology does not exist, so society is left to create complex mechanical steam powered inventions to complete many tasks done by today’s technology.  Each year youth are invited to participate in a new challenge theme which is showcased at the annual 4-H Makers Expo.