Science Bonanza

  • two young girls working with a plastic model, learning about science during 4-H Science Bonanza

A Day of Discovery in the Queen City

It's that time of year again for the fun, interactive, educational 4-H Science Bonanza! This December 9th, from 9 a.m. to 1:30 pm, youth ages 5-10 are welcomed at this day filled with activities that fuel their interest in science, technology, engineering and math. Teams of educators will help your little ones safely learn about electricity, create a new invention, control a robot, become a wildlife detective, and so much more! Our youngest participants will explore snowflakes, learn about healthy snacks and more! Lunch is served, as well as a Bonanza raffle and Expo filled with displays from local STEM education organizations. Adults are required to stay with their 5-7 yo participant.  

Cost: $15 per youth for the day with a max $30 for families (scholarships available). For financial assistance or if your are registering three or more children, please contact Sarah Grosvenor for a special discount code.

University of New Hampshire at Manchester - UNH Manchester

Next Bonanza

Date: December 9, 2023

Time: 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Location: UNH Manchester 

Contact: Sarah Grosvenor

The 2023 Science Bonanza is full and we are no longer taking registrations.

2023 Workshops

3D Puzzle Cube Design

Using 3D graphing skills, we will create a puzzle cube you can take home. TinkerCAD coding will be used to design the puzzles.

Feeling Electric

Hands on workshop where participants get the opportunity to safely see and feel electricity in action.

Get to Know the Gut Microbiome

You may have heard about microbes before, but did you know that they are in your gut? Wonder what they are doing and who they are? This workshop will not only teach you about gut microbes but also how scientists study them!


Learn how to build systems to grow plants without soil.

Invention in a Bag

Calling all inventors! If you like challenges and building things, this activity is for you. In this workshop, you will solve problems and design solutions using random materials to create your very own original invention. Explore the steps of the Invention Process and create a totally unique device that will help others in some way. Bring your imagination and your creativity and ignite the spark of innovation in all of us.

Makeblock Robotics

The MakeBlock mBot is a ready to go multi-modality robotics platform accessible for young coders of many ages. We will spend the hour playing "teleop" (iPad controlled) games and tackling "autonomous" (coded) challenges.

Paper Circuits Greeting Card

In this brilliant workshop you will learn to make a unique greeting card that uses a simple circuit to light a single LED bulb. Sign up to discover your “electrifying” creativity!

Rubbish in our Rivers

We will learn what happens to trash as it is transported by water to the ocean. Students will experience how scientists measure plastic particles in the environment from sampling to identification, how these particles affect organisms, and ways we can prevent plastic pollution.

Wiggle Bots

WiggleBots are fun little robots made with an off-balance motor and scraps of reused or recycled junk. Making a wiggleBot involves a little bit of science to get the motor to work and a lot of creativity to imagine and build the most fantastic wiggleBot that can wiggle and skitter across the floor.

Wild Detective: Trash, Scat and Bones!

Have you ever wanted to figure out what wild mammals are wandering through your backyard and neighborhood? Then join the Harris Center's "Wildlife Detective" workshop and see what you can deduce from the things these wild animals leave behind. From tracks and feeding evidence to scat (that's animal poop) and skulls and bones, come practice your wild detective skills.

Scenes of Past Bonanzas

  • Astrlogy at 4-H Science Bonanza
  • Children doing a science experiment
  • Science experiment
  • Student with STEM robot
  • Children making an invention in a bag
  • Volunteer teaching a student how to code computer
  • UNH student showing a child bacteria
  • Researcher/scientist uses a microscope to view a petri dish
  • 4-H members

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